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"Let me take you to a place you have never been."

"Absolute Anger" 2nd Edition Published 2017

  2nd Edition available now!  Absolute Anger 2nd Edition


Written by Brian T. Seifrit

Copyright  © 2001-2017

All rights reserved.

Publisher: William Jenkins Publishing

ISBN 10:  Paperback 1976256003

 ISBN-13:  Paperback 978-1976256004


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     Absolute Anger is a stand-alone story of intrigue and suspense revolving around Detective Tyler O’Brien. Promoted to lieutenant since he and his crew of brash detectives captured the man responsible for four brutal and deranged killings. The trial and sentencing of the murderer should have ended the crime spree, but that was just the beginning…

    O’Brien learns that the killer has escaped from prison. Following a trail of corpses from the streets of Toronto, the evidence leads him and his crew into the barren mountain passes of British Columbia. And finally back to the location of the killer’s earliest crimes in an increasingly dangerous manhunt for a deranged and psychotic killer…as fate would have it only death can be the outcome.


  In Fruitmont, someone literally appears to be out for blood. Each murder victim found has been mutilated and drained of blood. Henderson & Co., PI Agency sends out Detective O’Brien to piece together the case, but with such a strange case and even stranger clues, there are more theories than answers.

Reviewer: Sunshine

"A thriller of a story, that will keep you on the edge of your seat, until the very end..."

*Author's Note: "Absolute Anger" is the revised and complete rewrite of the two part O'Brien Series-Book One and Manhunt.

"Bloodlines" 2nd Edition Published 2017

  2nd Edition available now!  Bloodlines 2nd Edition

Written by Brian T. Seifrit

Bloodlines Edition 2

Copyright © Brian T. Seifrit 2006-2017

 All rights reserved.

 Publisher: William Jenkins Publishing 

 ISBN-10:  Paperback 197625535X 

 ISBN-13:  Paperback 978-1976255359



Inheriting a cattle ranch called the Double-U from a great uncle in 1825, the Vanfells pack up their belongings and begin a treacherous journey across the Rocky Mountains. In the beginning, they were fifteen strong, but sickness and death would take their toll...

"Escape" 2nd Edition Published 2017

 2nd Edition available now!  Escape 2nd Edition

Written by Brian T. Seifrit

 Copyright  © 2001-2017

All rights reserved.

 Publisher: William Jenkins Publishing

 ISBN 10: Paperback 1976255953

 ISBN-13: Paperback 978-1976255953


This is the story of a brave Russian rebel who escapes the tyranny of his homeland, reaches Alaska and then Canada. Full of intrigue, adventure and new-found love, the path Hayden Rochsoff follows keeps him alert to danger, but prone to disaster at every turn...

"The Missing Years-Part III. " A Tyrell Sloan -western/Adventure.

 Available now!  "The Missing Years-Part III" A Tyrell SLoan western/adventure  Books at Amazon

Author: Brian T. Seifrit

 Copyright (C) January 2016

Publisher: William Jenkins Publishing

ISBN Paperback: 1542788762

ISBN Ebook: 978-1542788762 


This is the fifth book in the Red Rock series, the third about Tyrell Sloan living rough and on the run from the law. Having adopted the alias Travis Sweet and acquiring employment as a bounty hunter, Tyrell had success in this role. Now he is after Matt Crawford, a former U.S. Ranger and crack sniper who has gone roque, killing his enemies from afar. His confrontation with Matt Crawford is the climax to this story.

"The Missing Years- Part II"  A Tyrell Sloan - western/adventure

 Available now!  "The Missing Years- Part II"  A Tyrell Sloan western/adventure Books at Amazon

 Author: Brian T. Seifrit

Copyright (C)  August 2014

Publisher: William Jenkins Publishing 

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-928164-14-2

 ISBN Ebook: 978-1-928164-15-9


Heading over the Canadian Rockies, Tyrell takes the job offered by Ed McCoy, bounty hunter extraordinaire. Under the name of Travis Sweet, he takes the Bounty Hunters oath and becomes a registered bounty hunter. Caught up in a half-cocked scheme to capture U.S. ex-Ranger Matt Crawford, and share in the $10,000.00 reward he coincidentally meets up with an old friend and convinces him to help. Together they travel to the town of Hazelton, the last known place Matt Crawford was seen, and where the conspiracy of who killed, Emery Nelson, one of McCoy's men begins.

"Voracity" Available Now!

   Title: “Voracity” get it in E-Book or Print Here!

Author:  Brian T. Seifrit

Copyright © Feb 2007

Publisher: William Jenkins Publishing. 

ISBN-10 : 1928164129

 ISBN-13 : 978-1928164128


A fatal virus known as K-15 is spreading across British Columbia, held in check by a secret team of assassins whose mission is to stop the spread of the virus by killing anyone who has it. Established by a private group, the team of assassins led by Blain Sweet, a.k.a. “Entity” is also searching for a scientific cure. Blain travels to a remote cabin in the interior where research papers written by Blain’s deceased brother may provide the clue to ending the plague. Blain’s wife, Rachel, puzzled by his aloof behaviour, wonders if he really is the software developer he claims to be. Will the research point to a cure before the virus morphs into a sexually transmitted disease...


Small Press Bookwatch: June 2016

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

 Critique: An original and consistently compelling read from beginning to end, "Voracity" clearly establishes author Brian Seifrit as an impressively gifted novelist. While very highly recommended for community library General Fiction collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Voracity" is also available in a Kindle edition ($2.99).

"The Missing Years- Part   I"   Available Now!

 Title: "The Missing Years- Part I" A Tyrell Sloan Western Adventure.

Author: Brian T. Seifrit

Copyright (c) 2014

Publisher:  William Jenkins Publishing

Edition 1

ISBN: 978-1-928164-08-1


After Tyrell Sloan abandoned his ranch and the newly-found Marissa, he wandered through the west, drinking, gambling and keeping his eyes opened for any trace of the men that killed his grandfather. After stumbling upon the two he kills them in a fair gunfight. The law though doesn't see it that way and Tyrell is sought by them, as well as a few bounty hunters who want the $5000 reward offered by one of the dead men's fathers. Taking on the alias Travis Sweet to prevent himself from hanging, Tyrell heads into uncharted territory and gains a reputation after defeating a highly reputed hired gunslinger and bounty hunter known as Earl Brubaker.


"The Coalition of Purgatory" Available now!


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“The Coalition of Purgatory”

Author: Brian T. Seifrit

Copyright © March 2004

ISBN-10: 1928164072

ISBN-13: 978-1928164074 

Publisher: William Jenkins Publishing.


Bryce Ellwood, a naturalist, journalist and photographer is assigned the six-month task of recording the flora and fauna of a remote area of British Columbia that is slated for development as a five star ski resort. The story describes his work, his adoption of an orphaned bear cub and his relationship with a local Indian lady. 

The difficulties of working alone in a remote area are highlighted by a few disasters that occur. He finds himself injured and unable to communicate with the outside world. 
The world view of the developer is also described in some detail. 
The story is based somewhat on a struggle that natives in British Columbia have been waging against commercial development of their pristine lands.


Dedicated to:

The West Kootenay Coalition for Jumbo Wild and all those who supported their efforts in trying to keep BC wild back-country, wild as it should be. To the Ktunaxa Tribal Council and their people for their undaunted efforts, to all those who feel compassion toward our wild-lands, and who want nothing more than to leave them as they are.


 "'The Coalition of Purgatory,' is an adventure- packed story, filled with suspense and humor. It would be a great addition to anyone’s library. This is one of those "can’t put it down" books. I really enjoyed the pleasure. Great job, Brian!"

Reviewer: Deanna

"Return to Red Rock" Available Now!

   Cover art by Laura Shinn Designs

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“Return to Red Rock” 

Author: Brian T. Seifrit

Copyright © March 2009

Publisher: William Jenkins Publishing.

ISBN-10: 1928164056

ISBN-13: 978-1928164050


 "Six years after leaving behind his inheritance, Tyrell Sloan returns to familiar ground. In 1890, he was the heir to his Grandfather, John Henry Sloan Sr.’, estate. Consisting of, 300 acres of red shale, forest, and pasture. Near the homestead, and less than an hour’s ride up stream of the Hudu Creek, were three gold claims, the Sloan 1, 2 and 3. At the time of his reprieve, the claims were contracted for a two-year term, with the Wake Up Jake a mining company. In the letter, he wrote in 1890 and left behind on that fateful night stashed in the sacks of gold left in Grandma Heddy’s care. Tyrell bequeathed to Grandma, the gold, and his share of whatever the Wake Up Jake produced during the term of the contract. To Marissa, he left behind the homestead, all 300 acres.

With plans to head north and back to his hometown of Hell’s Bottom, he was side tracked. A recurring dream of his Grandfather’s death, and the men who killed him, as well as the face-to-face encounter with the villainous men of his dream, took over the next six years of his life. With the possibility of being hung Tyrell returns to Red Rock Canyon to live his life in obscurity. To his surprise Marissa, his onetime true love continues to reside there. It isn’t long before the two are once-more reacquainted, and their adventure begins as Tyrell tries to right his wrongs from days gone past..."



"Red Rock Canyon" Available now!

Cover art by Laura Shinn Designs

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“Red Rock Canyon”

Author: Brian T. Seifrit

Copyright © Sept 2003

ISBN: 192816403X /  9781928164036

Publisher: William Jenkins Publishing.


Tyrell Sloan is the heir to his Grandfather’s estate, which consists of an old ramshackle cabin, and over three hundred and twenty acres of red shale, pasture, and forest. During his journey to Red Rock Canyon, he encounters a slew of unforgettable characters. Is told some unforgettable tales about his Grandfather and wrestles with the day to day survival of solitude, as he tries to make a life for himself. He learns that three of the richest gold claims in the Columbia Kootenay are on Sloan land, but all that gold he realises isn’t worth the burden.


 "This is a wonderful story full of love, suspense and mystery, set back in the old west."

Reviewer: Tabitha

 "A Bloodstained Hammer" Co-authored with Alison Townsend- published in 2013

 Published by YESPL Publishing Ltd.


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 Read the Reviews here: Book Reviews  


This is a work of fiction that is  based  on the actual events that occurred in the  Kootenay District of British Columbia, Canada in 1959 and subsequent years. This story is an account of the events that occurred on a hog farm in the Kootenay District of British Columbia, Canada in 1959 and subsequent years. It describes the routine work of a hog farmer and his hired hand and describes how the hired hand’s crimes affected the Townsends for the rest of their lives. Based on the actual events that affected the Townsend family, the story captures the rough speech of the uneducated farm hand and his more educated boss. After living with the Townsends for almost a year, after a night of drinking, the hired man attacked and killed Mrs. Townsend and her eight year old daughter. He fled the scene but was arrested after taking a ferry across a lake near Nelson, BC. The last part of the story shows the impact that these events had on the Townsend family. It emphasizes how the Canadian Justice System failed to punish the hired hand because of his manipulative abilities.

*The authors have changed the first names of the Townsends and the last name of the hired hand in this fictional account.


"Chased by Shadows"  published in 2012

 Cover art by Arty

"Chased by Shadows"

Author: Brian T. Seifrit

Genre: Memoir

Copyright (C) January 1986


Published: January 2012


Click here for the song This song was written and performed by recording artist Chris Chord. Thank you Chris. 

  "Chased by Shadows is a remarkably candid and riveting read about the life and struggles of a young boy as he grows into manhood. But it’s not the usual “coming of age story.” In Chased by Shadows, you will learn the loves and hates of a soul destined to walk the hot coals of life as he struggles to find his true identity, his true path, and eventually, his true love."  Debra Shiveley Welch: